The cost of eggs is going up. How much will you be paying?


You may want to reconsider that three-egg omelet, and make a single sunny side-up egg.

That’s because the cost of a dozen eggs may be going up because of the threat of bird flu.

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Several restaurants already impacted

Some experts said the prices may go as high as $6 a dozen, according to NBC News.

That cost could come if bird flu returns this year. 

The current cost of a dozen eggs in New York ranges from $1.99 to $4.49, the USDA found.

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The Midwest has been the focus of bird flu, but the Southeast could be impacted this fall.

The egg supply has impacted restaurants like Panda Express. NBC News reported that the company is coming up with a new recipe for its fried rice using corn instead of egg.

Rita’s has discontinued frozen custard that is made with eggs and replaced it with soft serve ice cream until it can get more eggs, NBC News reported.


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