Where to Buy the Best Budget Sound Bar

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As with many electronics, shopping for a sound bar can quickly lead to some expensive options.

I recently looked back at over 50 sound bar deals posted by ClarkDeals to see where we’ve found the best prices. I also checked out the best places to buy Consumer Reports-recommended sound bars to determine where you’re most likely to get a great deal!

Over the past few years, ClarkDeals has posted the best deals from Woot, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the stores where you’re most likely to find the best budget sound bar.

Where to Find the Best Budget Sound Bar Deals

Like any major purchase, it’s important to compare the prices of sound bars at a variety of online and in-store retailers to ensure you’re getting the best available deal.

The three highest-rated “best buy” sound bars from Consumer Reports range from $330 to $400, which means this purchase could be quite an investment. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest option available or hoping to score a deal on a quality sound bar for your home, here are the stores where we’ve found the overall best deals:

Graph depicting the best budget sound bar deals by store including Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.
Graph depicting the best budget sound bar deals by stores including Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.

The Top Five Places To Buy a Cheap Sound Bar:

As you can see, a lot of the best budget sound bar deals we’ve posted have come from Woot

This Amazon-owned online store offers daily deals and limited-time offers. While that makes purchases from Woot difficult to plan for, the electronics tab is worth bookmarking in case you run across a great deal. Just be sure to use a tool like Google Shopping to comparison shop before making your final purchase!

Otherwise, we’ve seen consistently great deals from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and even eBay. These are great places to shop for brand new sound bars, but also keep an eye out for better prices on refurbished or used electronics

The Best Places to Shop for a Budget Sound Bar

While we’ve seen several amazing budget sound bars available at Woot, it’s hard to rely on making your purchase on a daily deals website. For that reason, we’re going to look at three retailers that have posted consistent deals throughout the years: Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy.

These retailers also offer the best prices on the top three highest-rated “best buy” sound bars according to Consumer Reports:


WalmartAmazonBest Buy
#1: Sonos Beam Sound Bar-$399.00$399.99
#2: Samsung HW-MS650 Sound Bar
#3: JBL Link Sound Bar$249.95$249.95-

I checked the current prices of these highly-rated budget sound bars at each store in addition to the best deals we’ve posted from each. 


Webpage showing Walmart sound bars

We’ve seen sound bars at Walmart on sale for as low as $30 in the past, which makes this a great place to shop for a cheap sound bar. If you’re looking for a bigger investment but still hoping to get a good deal, the sound bars at Walmart are definitely worth checking out. 

Walmart carries the Samsung HW-MS650 sound bar for $327.99, which is the second-highest-rated “best buy” according to Consumer Reports. You’ll also find the JBL Link sound bar for $399.95.

Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $35, which means most sound bars will be eligible. You can also choose free in-store pickup where available. You can return electronics within 30 days of purchase, just be sure to hold on to the receipt in case it doesn’t work out. 


Webpage showing Amazon sound bars

Amazon currently has the best price on the highest-rated Consumer Reports “best buy” sound bar. You’ll find the Sonos Beam sound bar for with built-in Amazon Alexa for $393.99. We’ve also seen great deals as low as $60, and there’s a selection of more affordable options ranging from $30 available now.

One of the best things about Amazon is how easy it is to track a product’s price history with Camelcamelcamel. When I searched for the Sonos Beam sound bar, I saw that it dropped to $299 just after Black Friday last year. Based on that information, I know I may want to wait until a holiday season to make this purchase. 

Amazon offers free shipping on purchases over $25, which means nearly all of the sound bars will ship free. Just be sure to read seller information before making your purchase for more information on warranties and returns.


Best Buy

Webpage showing Best Buy sound bars

Best Buy carries both the first- and second-highest-rated Consumer Reports “best buy” sound bars. Like Amazon, Best Buy carries the Sonos Beam sound bar for just under $400. You can also find the Samsung HW-MS650 for $329.99, which is nearly the same price you’ll find it for at Walmart and Amazon.

We’ve posted sound bar deals from Best Buy as low as $50 in the past. If you check the website regularly, you’ll also find daily deals that often include sound bars and other electronics for great prices. 

You can return sound bars for free within 15 days of purchase for a refund or exchange. Again, be sure to hold on to the receipt just in case.  

Final Thoughts

If you’re shopping for a quality sound bar, be sure to check online at Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. For used and refurbished sound bars, look for reliable sellers on eBay or check out the daily deals at Woot

You could score a deal as low as $30 or purchase a high-quality sound bar at an unbeatable discount from these stores. Be sure to know what features you’re shopping for before making your decision to ensure you aren’t overpaying for what you need.

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Where have you seen the best deals on sound bars and other electronics? Let us know in the comments below!

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