Supermarkets forced to reinvent their look


Grocery shopping is changing

The way we shop is completely changing the way the supermarket you go to will look.

Where we buy and how we buy groceries has gone through a radical transformation. Traditional supermarket chains are finding that they have to adapt or die. One of biggest changes is that fresh produce is becoming the star of the show.

With produce, the idea is to create an ultra-fancy farmer’s market kind of look where the fruits and vegetables are laid out in beautiful arrangements at the front of the store. I was at a Super Target recently that had this new design and it looked like they borrowed a page from Whole Foods!

The Wall Street Journal reports this trend is emerging because we no longer shop at a single store for groceries. It’s a fragmented market. You have hard discounters like Save-a-Lot and Aldi; Wal-Mart, which is the nation’s largest supermarket chain; and even drug stores are putting in mini-grocery sections.

Then you also have the warehouse club chains that have stepped up the competition for traditional supermarkets considerably. However, the warehouse clubs displays produce stacked up like bulk toilet tissue! So the supermarkets, by contrast, are looking to differentiate with their presentation to give a more pleasant experience.

But let me say this: The produce at warehouse clubs may not be attractively placed, but it is attractively priced — provided you can use you it all up before it spoils!

Clark Deals
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