Subway announces six-inch sub sandwiches for $2


If you like to eat out, the bargains just keep on coming. During the month of December, Subway is pricing its meatball marinara and cold cut combo six-inch sub sandwiches at just $2.

I’ve talked before about Subway’s success with their $5 foot-long subs. Now we’re going to get half the sandwich for less than half the price. (Editor’s note: Some local operators may choose not to participate. Check with your local store.) That is a real bargain!

The fast food industry continues to struggle to get customers in the door. It’s a business that lives on young men more than anybody else, and when you look at unemployment figures, it is young men that still continue to suffer with unemployment more than anybody else.

So one after another, the chains are offering deals that go well beyond the dollar or 99-cent menu that has been so much a part of the Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King pricing formula. You will continue through this winter to see lots and lots of other kinds of deals on eating out.

McDonalds finds ways around San Francisco restrictions on Happy Meals

Meanwhile, I told you in the past how San Francisco decided to outlaw Happy Meals because the city, in its infinite wisdom, thought it knew what was better for your kids to eat than you do.

Well, McDonalds suffered the pressure and adjusted by introducing a small one-ounce portion of french fries and a serving of fruit. Now they’re adapting further by selling kids meals in San Francisco without the toy. If the kid wants the toy, their parent can buy it for an additional 10 cents.

So the city, after trying to legislate parental responsibility, was defeated anyway. Thank goodness!

Clark Deals
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