Starbucks pushes through another price hike


Starbucks has given customers a big lump of coal in their stocking this Christmas season—increased prices on select items!

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Starbucks’ second price increase in 2016

TheStreet confirms that a price hike of between 10 and 30 cents went into effect around Nov. 10 at most stores. Included in the hike were select cold beverages and bakery items.

That’s good news for drinkers of hot brewed coffee, espresso and tea which were not included in the increase.

So why the price hike right around the holidays? The company reportedly is feeling the squeeze from higher coffee costs and boosted wages for employees.

Unhappy customers will note that this is the second time this year that the coffee retailer has raised prices. Back in July, the company pushed through its first 30-cent price increase of 2016.

Final thought

While these price hikes may seem small, they really add up over time. A better alternative is to brew your own coffee at home. You’ll save up to $500 annually by doing that!

Then when you put that money back into your budget, check out these 5 brilliant ways to invest an extra $500.

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