Sports Authority is closing stores sooner than expected


If you were waiting until the last minute to shop Sports Authority’s going-out-of-business sale, the Wall Street Journal says that time has arrived.

The retailer is reportedly rushing to close many stores by the end of July, which is ahead of schedule.

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‘Final days’ of Sports Authority’s closing sale

When Sports Authority’s closing sale began in May, the bankrupt retailer said the liquidation process at its 400+ stores would last through August. 

But the WSJ report indicates a struggle between lenders and suppliers has changed the timetable. 

According to the newspaper, managers have been notified about procedures for wiping the computers, locking up and walking away.

This is obviously a disappointment to workers who expected to have jobs the entire summer.

As for shoppers, Sports Authority’s website says the closing sale has reached its “final days” and all items are at least 60% off original ticketed prices. 

Sports Authority to close stores sooner than expected

Earlier this summer, shoppers told us they were not impressed with the sale. We received multiple reports of discounts not ringing up at the register, so watch carefully as your items are being scanned.


One other tip: Check prices on your smartphone to make sure that “60% off” is really a good deal.

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