Some men are paying $415 for plain white T-shirts


Clear-kneed mom jeans and fake-dirty work pants are not the only, um, questionable items available for purchase at America’s high-end retailers. We probably all have some T-shirts in our wardrobe, it’s doubtful we paid more than $50 — much less $400.

How much better is a $400 T-shirt than a $10 one?

According to the Wall Street Journal, advocates for spending so much on this everyday item argue that they’re willing to pay more because they wear T-shirts all the time.

Is the quality that much better though?

Money expert Clark Howard discusses the trend on the Clark Howard Show Podcast. “The funny thing is that the best T-shirt for the money, tested, is $10 from Uniqlo” said Clark.

Listen: Clark weighs in on the T-shirt debate

Low cost and high quality don’t always go together, but there are plenty of T-shirts out there sure to satisfy your wardrobe and your wallet.

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