Shopping for your groceries online makes a comeback


Instead of heading to the supermarket, how about the supermarket heading to you?

Delivery of groceries that you order online has quite a history. Back in the 1990s, there was a service called Webvan that pioneered this marketspace. But Webvan went bust and was the largest failure of any dot com in the history of the Internet.

Now the idea of online grocery delivery is coming back, albeit it with less flash and splash.

One example is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service, where you can order nonperishables on a regular delivery schedule and get an automatic discount, plus free delivery.

Another model is the one typified by, which delivers perishable groceries at a premium. That’s the big difference from the ’90s. If you did grocery shopping online back then, supposedly you could get better prices because there was less overhead. Today, however, you will pay *more* for this service, not less.

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