Shoppers reveal what’s really happening at Sports Authority’s closing sale


Sports Authority’s going-out-of-business sale is just getting underway, but shoppers are already experiencing some frustrations — and they’re sharing them on social media. 

Liquidators have taken over, offering 10% to 30% discounts on most items to start.

While Clark said it’s best to wait until later into the clearance sale, many people are rushing to their nearest store to see what all the hype is about.

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4 things shoppers are finding at Sports Authority’s closing sale

1. The discounts are not that great

Sports Authority will not close for good until late August, so the liquidators are starting off with not-so-impressive deals.

We’re told the entire store is 10% to 30% off, but there are some items that don’t qualify. Shoppers are noticing that there are many more items on the lower end of that discount percentage range.

And some stores are already a total mess! (Warning: Video contains language not appropriate for younger audiences.)

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2. Sometimes things actually cost more

One shopper snapped a picture of an unidentified item that had a $110 original price, but it was covered up with a new price: $120! 

Yes, some prices actually go up during the start of a liquidation sale.

3. You need to check the prices carefully has already received reports from people who say the discounts reflected on the signs were not applied at the register, and one person said they didn’t realize it until it was too late. 

You can’t wait until you pay and get your receipt to mention it — because all sales are final.  

4. They’re not really hiring

Even though you can’t miss the huge signs that say “going out of business,” some stores have kept the “join our team” and ‘now hiring’ signs in place.


While that’s not the case, if you’re looking for a job, Dick’s Sporting Goods is hiring.

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Final thought

As Clark mentioned on the radio, you’re going to have to wait until July or August for the best going-out-of-business deals at Sports Authority. The best prices will be in the final 10 days. 

But anyone with a gift card has to shop sooner. Those expire June 28.

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