Self-checkouts are losing favor at retailers


Self-service checkouts have fallen out of favor with both customers and grocers, according to a new study.

A new study by the Food Marketing Institute shows that people overwhelmingly feel more satisfied with their supermarket when they have a cashier. In fact, we’re down to in the teens in terms of percentage of transactions being done at self checkout, a drop from prior stats that showed almost one in every four transactions being done at self checkout.

If you live near a BJ’s Wholesale, they’ve gone to mostly self checkout. I think that’s fine and I like it. But Costco Wholesale is no longer putting in any self-checkout as they build new locations.

Why have self checkouts waned in popularity? Two reasons chiefly. First, customers have trouble figuring out how to use coupons at self checkout. Second, stores face a lot of problems with intentional theft at self checkout.

Ultimately, my hope is that we get away from checkout with smart carts, where the cart itself rings up your purchase as you go through the store. That would eliminate concern with shoplifting and the whole idea of standing in lines.

I can’t stand standing in lines ever!

Clark Deals
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