Unwanted extended warranty charges on Sears.com orders?


If you made a recent online purchase of a major appliance from Sears, you may want to check your receipt. Some customers have been stuck with hundreds of dollars in unwanted extended warranty coverage charges.

ConsumerWorld.com busted this story wide open in cyberspace. The site’s founder bought a $1,299 refrigerator from Sears.com and found a stealth charge of $469 for a five-year extended warranty charge was automatically added to his cart before he checked out. He had to opt out, rather than opting in, to the purchase of the warranty. (Sears.com has since cleaned up its act on this after the media scrutiny.)

Sounds like a real MBA moment to me! By that I mean it sounds like Sears hired a bright, freshly minted MBA who came up with a shortsighted plan to get more money from customers. But this plan had no thought of winning trust and building a legacy with customers that will make them return again and again.

Mr. or Ms. MBA, you missed the class on business ethics! You must have been sleeping through that one!

So check your receipt if you recently made an online purchase of a major appliance from Sears.com. If you didn’t notice this rogue charge at first, call Sears and get your money back.

Clark Deals
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