Women shocked by how much they’ve spent on makeup… Here’s how to save



When it comes to makeup, many women can be pretty particular about the brands they use.

But how much are all those powders, shadows and glosses really worth?

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Women shocked by how much they’ve spent on makeup

Several women were recently asked to guess the values of their makeup bags.

“I don’t know! I’m, like, really afraid how much money is hiding in my bag!” one woman said.

Another one admitted she recently bought a new makeup bag “because my old makeup bag was too small for my everyday products, so…I don’t have a very good feeling about today.”


But despite their lofty expectations, they were floored by the final numbers.

Reactions included “my life is a money garbage disposal!” and “that’s half my rent!”

How to save

It’s no secret that women’s beauty and hygiene products aren’t cheap. Maybe you haven’t actually calculated the total value of everything in your makeup bag (and everything under your bathroom sink), but if you want to save moving forward, here are some ways to do it!

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