Price of peanuts to crawl back after hefty rise


One of your favorite foods is about to get cheaper as the peanut crop is booming. But the price may recede too slowly for some.

From time to time, something that is a central food item leaps in cost. It can be coffee or dairy products. Last year, peanut lovers faced the cost of wholesale prices almost tripling in just one year. When something goes up in price, people will eat less of it or go without if that’s an option.

My daughter has an extreme peanut allergy that is life threatening. So we have all kinds of peanut substitute products in our kitchen, like sun butter that’s made from sunflower seeds.

By the way, there is no conspiracy with the slow crawl back to normal with the cost of peanuts despite the huge crop. That’s just the way capitalism goes. Business owners pass along costs and, when the pricing pressure recedes, they still try to hold onto that margin as much as possible.

The ultimate power resides with you. You will decide when peanuts and peanut butter become affordable enough to buy again.

Clark Deals
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