Retailers junking up their stores to appeal to the cost conscious


Get ready for end caps stacked to the ceiling with goods and so much merchandise in the aisles that you find it hard to maneuver your cart around it! Retailers have signaled a return to junking up the look of their stores in an effort to create the sense that they’re overflowing with deals.

Wal-Mart is a perfect example of what’s been going on in the world of retailing. During the recession, the retail giant tried to go for a more sophisticated look with streamlined aisles and better lighting as they courted Target shoppers who traded down because they were feeling pinched in the wallet. But those shoppers have since abandoned Wal-Mart and gone back to Target.

Now Wal-Mart needs to play to its core price-sensitive shoppers. As part of a new strategy, Wal-Mart has announced they’re putting 8,000 or so new items into their stores after people complained about selection. That’s 8,000 items in addition to what they already have. In a similar move, Dollar General is raising the height of its shelves so you can’t see over them to create sense they’re chock full of goods as well, according to The New York Times.

When we see junky aisles, we buy more stuff. The perception in our mind is that we’re getting better deals. So be aware of this psychological trick that tries to get you to spend more dough. If you have the money to spend, that’s fine. But be careful if you don’t.

If you’re still feeling pinched, shop the dollar stores and buy their own store brands. The price points on their private labels are so much better than even traditional retailer store brands.

I want you to stretch that dollar until you feel like it’s going to snap!

Clark Deals
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