This major retailer is eliminating the plus-size department


Meijer is getting rid of separate plus-size departments in its 230 stores, the Michigan-based retailer has announced. The goal is to create a shopping experience based on trends, not size.

Major retailer is getting rid of the plus-size department

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“Over the past few years, we’ve placed an increased focus on bringing more on-trend, affordable apparel to our customers,” said Peter Whitsett, executive vice president of merchandising and marketing. “This fresh approach to shopping represents a continuation of that commitment, giving our customers the trends they’re looking for, regardless of what size they wear.”

By early 2017, existing plus-size departments will be integrated into missy and women’s, so all sizes will be on one rack. With the change, Meijer also says it’s committed to equal pricing for all women’s clothing.

“Plus-size apparel is often priced higher than missy or women’s sizes,” said Annette Repasch, group vice president of softlines for Meijer. “We believe all our customers deserve to pay the same price for the same trends, regardless of size.”

Meijer says combining all sizes into one department will allow the retailer to add even more trends and styles to its stores. The company has locations in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin.

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