Publix eliminating double coupons and doing away with weekly Penny Item


Regional grocery chain Publix is doing away with a couple of money-saving offers and couponing opportunities beloved by shoppers.

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Publix putting the kibosh on saving money?

Publix — which operates more than 1,100 locations across six states — will stop doubling manufacturer’s coupons in its Atlanta and Jacksonville Division stores effective 12/22/16.

The chain has already eliminated coupon doubling in its stores in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

( has confirmed with Publix that the following Atlanta Division markets will continue to double coupons at this time: Huntsville, Knoxville, Nashville, Pigeon Forge.)

Perhaps even more of a blow to deal lovers, Publix will reportedly do away with all Penny Item (aka Mystery Coupon) promotions in just days.

‘The last Mystery Coupon will be 12/14 or 12/15 2016 pending the day your ad breaks,’ Brenda Reid, Media & Community Relations Manager for Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee tells

This popular promotion allowed shoppers to get a mystery item (typically a store brand) for just one cent — provided they had a coupon from the store’s circular in the local newspaper.

Shoppers already say they’re feeling the effects of these moves.

One web user at called it a ‘sad day.’


Clark’s take on couponing

This isn’t the first time Publix has clamped down on couponing. Back in 2014, the store introduced a policy that capped customers at eight of the same coupon for the same item per household per shopping trip. It was move to fight back against extreme couponing. 

Clark’s reaction to all this might surprise you…

‘I’m all for people saving money with coupons, but I don’t really use them in my own life. The truth is I’m a flake when it comes to coupons — I have trouble keeping track of them and frequently lose them!’ the consumer champ admits.

‘In lieu of coupons, I’m all about buying store brands and shopping at a hard discounter like Aldi to save big bucks on groceries.’

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