Amazon Prime Day 2018: Don’t miss out on big sales from these other stores!

Alternative Amazon Prime Day sales
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With the anticipation and festivity of a bona fide holiday, Prime Day 2018 has arisen as a retail celebration for many shoppers around the country.’s ode to its most loyal membership may mean sales galore on various products — but that doesn’t mean other retailers aren’t getting in on the fun.

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If Amazon thought they’d be able to have their own little sales day, they’re sadly mistaken. Several other stores are offering major discounts so as not to miss out on all the extra online traffic generated by Amazon’s shopping extravaganza.

With Prime Day specials, you have to be an Amazon Prime member to reap the benefits, but you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. As for the other retailers, all you have to do is be ready to save!

Here are some Prime Day sales from other retailers

Bed, Bath & Beyond: The retailer is advertising a seven-day sale starting Monday, July 16. They’re calling this “Beyond Week aka Summer’s Black Friday.”

Best Buy: They’re calling it Big Deals Day and they’ve got 4K smart TVs on sale, plus many more gadgets. Clark Deals has all the great Best Buy deals in one place.

eBay: The online marketplace has a number of sales ongoing right now to compete with Prime Day.

Frys: The electronics giant is having a MyFrys Day Sale on numerous products — and offering free shipping sitewide!

Groupon: It’s the “Cyber in July” sale on Groupon. They’re advertising as much as 70% off electronics and more.

Lowe’s: The home improvement store is offering a 10% discount sitewide on Prime Day and the day after.

Macy’s: The famed department store started over the weekend with its Black Friday sale on numerous clothes.


Target: The retailer is promoting its one-day sale on Tuesday, July 17 to tempt shoppers to hold out for one day.

Walmart: All week the retailer is offering the very Primesque perk of same-day grocery pickup. Clark Deals has some sizzling deals from Walmart right now.

Woot: The store also has a number of Prime Day sales on items such as MacBooks and more.

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