Retailer fights ‘pink tax’ by lowering prices on women’s products


Known as the ‘pink tax,’ many women have spoken out about the unfairness of paying a premium for similar products that men can buy at a much cheaper price.

Now, the online wholesale retailer is taking a stand against sexist pricing.

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Retailer lowers prices on women’s products

As part of its #RethinkPink initiative, will lower the cost of everyday items that are unfairly priced for women. And the retailer is encouraging others to follow suit.

‘Our team took a hard look at some of the products offered on Boxed and realized that many female products cost significantly more than their male equivalents on a per ounce or per unit basis, and in some states feminine products are charged a luxury tax,’ says Boxed CEO and founder Chieh Huang. ‘This just didn’t make sense to our team, and when it was brought to senior management’s attention, we immediately decided this was an issue we wanted to help bring to the forefront and take action.’

Based on its own research, says women are paying 108% more for razors, 10% more for body wash, 8% more for deodorant and 5% more for shaving gel.

The retailer says it’s lowering prices on those items, ‘even if that means taking a hit on margin.’

And for tampons and pads that have a sales tax added because they’re considered ‘luxury’ items, will reduce the sales tax amount from the list price.

Shoppers can look for the #RethinkPink logo to identify affected items.

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