PetSmart’s new rewards program: 4 things to know before you sign up


If you like to shop at PetSmart, there’s a new loyalty program that you may want to sign up for before your next trip to the store.

The free rewards program is called PetSmart Treats and takes the place of PetPerks, which has been discontinued. The new program launched August 30 and is available at the retailer’s stores, online and through its mobile app.

PetSmart Treats replaces PetPerks rewards program: Here’s everything you need to know 

I signed up for PetSmart Treats and have already received a special bonus. Here’s everything you need to know to become a member today…

1. How does the PetSmart Treats program work? 

The new loyalty program offers members eight points for every $1 they spend in stores and online. You can earn points for grooming, boarding, daycare, training and even donating to PetSmart Charities.

Your points will expire at the end of the month one year after the date they were earned.

2. How do you redeem your rewards? 

Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 points, redeem them for discounts on any product or pet service for up to a year, with no exclusions.

For example, I earned 1,000 bonus points after I signed up for PetSmart Treats and completed my profile. That’s worth $2.50. The discount can be applied whether you shop in the store or online.

Here are more details on how to redeem PetSmart Treats:

  • In stores: Tell the cashier that you want to redeem your points and provide your phone number or email address during checkout
  • Online: Once signed in to your account, look at “treats available” during checkout and request to redeem your points before placing your order

Important note: You will NOT receive a physical membership card, but you can scan the digital card during checkout from the PetSmart mobile app or just provide your phone number or email address.

PetSmart's mobile app
PetSmart’s mobile app

3. Are there any other perks? 

In addition to the bonus points for completing your profile, PetSmart says members receive exclusive deals and discounts, plus advance notice of sales sent via email.


Here are three other perks of PetSmart Treats:

  • Free surprise on your pet’s birthday
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Free Doggie Day Camp session when you buy 10

4. How do I sign up for PetSmart Treats?

To get started with PetSmart Treats and collect that bonus, you can sign up in stores, online or through the mobile app. You’ll need to provide your name, email address and phone number.

If you want to sign up online, go to

My first experience with PetSmart Treats 

I signed up for PetSmart Treats a few days after it launched, immediately received the 1,000-point bonus and jumped in the car with my dog to visit the nearest PetSmart.

The retailer’s front doors were covered with ads for the new loyalty program, so this is clearly a major brand initiative.

After my dog got her nails trimmed and I went to the cash register to pay, I was hoping to redeem my 1,000 points for a $2.50 discount on the grooming services, but that didn’t happen.

I was told by the associate that his computer system wasn’t set up to see the points balance for the PetSmart Treats program yet.

He told me that I could download the app to show him the points balance (see the picture above), but I was in a hurry and figured that I would just try again next time and maybe they’ll have it sorted out by then.

My suggestion: Sign up online and download the app before you go to the store to avoid any confusion at checkout.

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