Organic milk may be more costly, but it lasts longer


Milk consumption is dropping as more Americans shy away from the white stuff — even at a time when sales of cheese and yogurt are up.

What do people have against traditional milk? Well, the alternative medical community has painted milk in a bad light, for starters.

But at my home, we now buy organic milk. It may cost more than traditional milk, but it’s actually cheaper in the long run because of its extended shelf life. That’s because organic milk is subject to ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurization, unlike regular milk.

Other people I know prefer almond milk because it’s lower in calories and doesn’t need refrigeration when it’s unopened.

Meanwhile, if you’re still a dedicated traditional milk drinker, a caller to my radio show had a suggestion for you: When you open the carton or gallon, try adding one or two shakes of table salt. That should extend its life in the fridge. 

What about you?? Are you Team Organic or Team Traditional? Write in below to let me know!

Clark Deals
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