One restaurant chain runs counter to healthier menu trend


At a time when most restaurants are putting an emphasis on healthy menu items, at least one chain is going the other way. Call it contrarianism that’s driven by market demand!

More on that in a moment. But first, I got such a kick when Sarah Palin swigged from a Big Gulp during a speech at a recent conservative conference in a Maryland suburb.  The move was a clear stab at Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City ban on large soft drinks!

The idea of government telling us what to consume is just something that eats at me. So I got a chuckle out of a profile of Carl’s Jr CEO Andy Puzder in The Los Angeles Times.

Basically, Puzder is a health nut who runs all the time and exercises like a maniac. But he’s guiding his franchise toward the indulgent and decadent, calorically speaking. (CKE, the parent company of Carl’s Jr, also owns the Hardee’s chain of fast-food restaurants.)

“The company sells 20 times more Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, with 740 calories apiece, than it does BBQ chicken sandwiches, which each have 390 calories,” the newspaper notes.

My thing is I want you to have info to make your own choices about what you put into your body.

Of course, the criticism of my point of view is what about the societal costs of health care, where we all have to pay for the bills of people who make unhealthy choices?

My whole thing is I believe it’s the responsibility in a free and open society to give you info and hopefully you’ll make the right choice.

Clark Deals
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