New grocer sells everything for just 36 cents!


LONDON — A new food store designed to help low-income communities sells everything for just 36 cents.

An experiment in really cheap groceries

 EasyFoodstore opened in the U.K., where customers can buy everyday food products for 25 pence (36 cents).

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Products sold include coffee, tomato soup, spaghetti and pizza, according to CNBC. Fresh meats and produce are not yet available.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou founded the store. He is also the man behind EasyJet, a low-cost airline that serves Europe.

“This is another way the easy brand can serve the less well-off,” Haji-Ioannou said in a statement.

The store has been so popular that it had to close Wednesday afternoon and remained closed through Thursday to restock.

It is expected to reopen Friday morning.

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