New Chipotle price hikes coming to a restaurant near you!


You’d think Chipotle would be one of the last companies to raise prices after a rash of E. coli outbreaks in its food supply chain last year.

But that’s exactly what the burrito chain has done!

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Chipotle increases prices in about 20% of its stores

Effective immediately, Chipotle has hiked prices by about 5% in 440 of its stores. Those 440 stores represent about one-fifth of the chain’s 2,200 locations.

Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold confirmed the move to Forbes saying, “We had already been on record saying that we were considering raising prices in select markets, and now we have implemented that increase.”

The 5% increase in select markets is designed to deal with rising costs the chain is facing around labor and food inflation.

Looking for some good news? This isn’t just a test run before rolling out higher prices at all locations.

“There may be some additional markets that will see price increases before the end of the year, but this was never intended to be a system wide increase,” an unnamed Chipotle spokesperson is quoted as telling

“If you see any additional increases, it will be in [a] similar pattern as this, with increases only in select markets.” has reached out to Chipotle for a full list of markets that are seeing the new higher prices. We’ll update this story as more info becomes available.


Want to offset the increased cost of Chipotle?

The next time you order a burrito, consider these four tips to get more in your Chipotle burrito for FREE!

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