Must you spend more to eat well?


When you think of Walmart products, you tend to think about inexpensive appliances and household goods. You certainly don’t think about healthy foods. Well, Walmart’s trying to turn that on its head.

They are launching a new line of healthy and organic food products, all noted with a bright green “Great For You” label on the front of the item. They have also lowered the prices of fruits and vegetables.

This is an ongoing company focus. Sam’s Club recently focused the entire month of January on healthy products and health initiatives for its employees.

While this is proving to be a good business opportunity for Walmart and retailers across the country, the more important thing is that it’s good for you. Having access to healthier foods at lower prices takes away any excuse you may have had to claim that you couldn’t afford to eat well.

And here’s a bonus: Walmart’s move will likely force major grocers like Kroger and Publix to lower their prices on healthier items as well. Either way, you’re the winner.

Clark Deals
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