9 more things you shouldn’t buy at Walmart

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We already told you about 9 things you should never buy at Walmart, including gift cards, brand-name diapers, batteries, snack foods and more.

Now here are another 9 things you may also want to skip at the nation’s largest retailer. This list is courtesy of Business Insider and our own research here at Clark.com!

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more things you shouldn't buy at Walmart Halloween candy

Walmart makes a big production out of Halloween, but you’ll get better prices on candy elsewhere.

‘Our Dollar Tree had some name brand candy – they were smaller bags BUT, you could buy the bigger generic brand and mix the other in to make it go further,’ according to ConsumerQueen.com. ‘You’ll still save lots of money over buying at Walmart and Target!’

Maple syrup

According to Business Insider, Walmart sells maple syrup for 56 cents an ounce. That’s a far cry from the 6 cents per ounce you’ll pay for Log Cabin Original at Costco.

Prefer organic maple syrup? Even that only sells for 33 cents an ounce at Costco via their Kirkland Signature house brand, according to Queen Bee Coupons.

Organic milk

Don’t get your organic milk at Walmart! Both Aldi and Costco beat them on price.

Aldi’s Simply Nature organic fat-free milk sells for $2.95, which is 4.7 cents per fluid ounce.

Meanwhile, Costco’s Kirkland Signature organic milk (1% milk fat) sells for $10.99. That works out to a unit price of 5.7 cents per fluid ounce.



By now you’re probably heard about the fake Egyptian cotton problem that’s plagued Target. While the price might be right at a discount retailer, you may want to step it up a notch for something you’ll spend hours sleeping on.

Regina Novickis of Slickdeals.com told Go Banking Rates that you’ll find better quality for a comparable price at T.J.Maxx, Ross and Home Goods.

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If you’re paying anything more than $1 at Dollar Tree for your ribeye steaks, you’re paying too much!

We’ve even heard some isolated reports of these steaks selling for as little as 33 cents each!

The steaks are from the brand Stampede, which is available in other major stores. The Dollar Tree steaks are just a smaller portion size.

Disposable razors

Here are two unlikely dollar store buys that have great reviews online and can easily beat Walmart on price!

First up, we have Personna Twin Blade Plus Disposable Razors, 5-ct. Packs, which 91% of reviewers would recommend to a friend.

The Personna Twin Blade razor is fairly close to a Gillette Good News disposable. My observation is it gives 85% as close a shave as a Gillette,’ a user named abcEasyAs123DoeRayMe123 writes online. ‘Considering the Personna is about 1/6th the cost, it should be considered for those in need of a decent razor. Thanks Dollar Tree.

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Ovulation predictors

And that brings us to the Assured Ovulation Predictor at Dollar Tree, which 86% of reviewers would recommend to a friend:


‘Trying to get preggers can be expensive when ovulation predictors cost about $7 a stick in the stores (and you have to use them around 7 days in a row),’ user mjbowers77 writes in an online review. ‘These dollar store products worked great for me and saved me so much money!’

Why let Walmart cater to your family planning needs when you can do it cheaper at the dollar stores?

Vanilla extract

This highly prized flavoring wil run you $1.84 an ounce at Walmart. But go to Costco and you’ll pay just 62 cents an ounce, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady.

Let’s not forget about Two Buck Chuck!

When it comes to cheap yet tasty wine, there really is no other choice than Trader Joe’s!

‘Two Buck Chuck’ (aka Charles Shaw wines) was introduced in 2002 and customers were immediately smitten by the $1.99 price point and quality. Of course, today Two Buck Chuck sells for anywhere from $2.49 to $3.79 depending on location.

Beat that, Walmart!

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