More companies are going green to save green


Levi Jeans has rolled out a new line of jeans that are made from garbage, according to BusinessWeek. The Waste
That not only helps the environment, but it saves money. It cuts the amount of water needed to make a pair of jeans in half.

Corporate America is much further along than political D.C. in using the wallet and tying it into environment in a way where both are smiling.

Particularly for those under 35, the idea of ‘green marketing’ has a lot of cultural cachet.

Here’s another case in point. Ikea has long been seen as an environmental disaster, but it’s now changing its throwaway furniture image.

The company is looking at having a program where you can turn your Ikea furniture back in after you’ve used it. Then Ikea can recycle it into other furniture! They’re even exploring renting kitchen cabinets instead of having you buy them. When you return the rented cabinet, they turn around and use the material in other furniture.

It’s green to save green, to take existing material and reuse it.

Clark Deals
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