Mini-desserts are all the rage in restaurants


Mini-desserts are among the hot trends in restaurants at the moment, but moderation is still the key despite the Lilliputian portions.

This whole movement toward smaller portions of the sweet stuff really started with the 100 calorie snack packs years ago. The idea is that by offering you a little taste of what you’re craving you’ll be able to avoid trigger foods that might otherwise cause you to overeat.

Now in the restaurant business, the Orlando-based chain Seasons 52 — where every entrée is 475 calories or less — has done portion control with everything, even the desserts. That idea caught on like wildfire.

As just one more example, Baskin Robbins is jumping in on the trend with their Cake Bites, a “line of four-bite desserts that mix ice cream with cake in hand-sized delectables,” according to USA Today.

The whole key to any mini-dessert is that you eat just one. Because if you buy a 10 pack of 100 calorie items and you eat them all, that’s 1,000 calories!

Clark Deals
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