Men doing more shopping in the toy aisle, grocery stores


The toy aisle is the latest arena to reflect changing gender roles in our society.

Do you remember the ’80s flick Mr. Mom? It featured Michael Keaton staying home with the kids after a layoff while his wife went on to a high-profile career. He was supposed to be the one man in America doing that, and that was the premise of this popular comedy.

But that’s no longer the case. In a lot of families, this is the norm. One fifth of dads are now the primary caretaker of preschool kids while their wives are working full time.

That’s lead to changes in the toy aisle. For example, LEGO had come out earlier this year with a girly set of LEGOs that featured beauty salons and things in pink. At the time, a lot of people complained about the toys for alleged sexism.

But now The New York Times reports this market segment is booming. Sales of these particular girly LEGO sets have doubled expectations, and the manufacturer can’t keep up with enough units of production.

The reality is guys may be the ones buying these things!

Likewise, look at what’s going on in the supermarket. It turns out guys are doing more and more grocery shopping.

The Charlotte Observer reports that guys account for more than a third of all grocery shopping now. A separate Yahoo survey cited in the newspaper found that guys actually are a majority, with 60 percent reporting being the primary decision makers when it comes to consumer packaged goods.

Clark Deals
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