Men doing more of the household grocery shopping


Who does the shopping in your house? In my home, my wife gives me the grocery list and I do the shopping on Sunday night. She knows I’m more price oriented than she is and I will seek out the deals, but she still needs to make sure I get what we need for the week.

Sometimes I divert and don’t go to the exact store she wanted me to and that can lead to unhappiness on her part. For example, I recently got a bargain bin of apples at one store that were so hard they were nearly inedible. My wife was definitely not happy!

It turns out guys are doing more and more grocery shopping. Men used to do nearly zero shopping — unless they were bachelors. In that case, their shopping list probably included beer, frozen pizza, chips and not much else.

Yet I read in The Charlotte Observer that guys account for more than a third of all grocery shopping now. A separate Yahoo survey cited in the newspaper found that guys actually are a majority, with sixty percent reporting being the primary decision makers when it comes to consumer packaged goods.

However, at the same time that the demo is changing, all the ads and in-store displays are geared to women. That has me wondering why marketers are not getting with the program.

When men shop, I was surprised to learn they are more likely to buy brand names than women. If you’re the guy doing the shopping in your household, I need you to rethink those brand names. Try the store brands. The quality is just as good as the national brand and you’ll save money!

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired Jan. 20, 2012

Clark Deals
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