McDonald’s Big Mac sauce may be showing up in supermarket aisles


McDonald’s may be coming up with a new saucy response to customers who ask for an extra side of Big Mac sauce with their order — “Get it yourself at the grocery store!”

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Report: Big Mac sauce being prepped for supermarkets

Canadian food blog Foodology reports that bottles of Big Mac sauce, McChicken sauce and Filet-O-Fish sauce were showcased at an industry trade show called the Grocery & Specialty Food West Convention just days ago in Vancouver:

McDonald Sauces are coming to a grocery store near you. They are working with Heinz/Kraft to make this product available to all Canadians. Probably Americans too. I was at the Grocery & Specialty Food West Convention and stumbled upon this new product. I wasn’t able to try this product, but the rep did confirm that it tastes very identical to what they have in their sandwiches. I would have taken one, but it was locked inside a display case.

There’s no official confirmation from McDonald’s that the supermarket sauces will be released on anyone other than our neighbors up to the north.

But you’d have to imagine if sales go well in Canada that a U.S. debut will forthcoming!

McDonald’s latest plays to capture brand buzz

McDonald’s has been rolling out a series of initiatives in recent months to generate buzz around its brand.

Things got kicked off in January with a 10,000 bottle giveaway of Big Mac sauce at select restaurants around the United States.

Then earlier this week, the Golden Arches announced a historic change to its menu — beginning in 2018, all Quarter Pounder burgers will be served with fresh beef patties cooked to order when you order them!

And right now we’re in the midst of a new promotion offering $1 any size sodas and $2 small McCafe specialty drinks.


While we’re on the topic of sodas, have you ever wondered why McDonald’s soft drinks taste so much better than anywhere else? Here’s your explanation!

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