McDonald’s is lowering prices on these menu items


McDonald’s is about to launch a new promotion, offering $1 any size sodas and $2 small McCafe specialty drinks, as a way to boost sales.

First reported by Bloomberg, the menu change is expected to begin in April.

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McDonald’s is cutting drink prices

McDonald’s reported in late January that fourth quarter comparable sales fell 1.3% in the United States, which isn’t all that surprising considering what’s going on in the restaurant industry.

As Clark has talked about, more people are eating at home because the cost of groceries is down.

Offering a promotion on beverages makes sense for McDonald’s because there’s a much higher profit margin on drinks compared to food items.

Someone uploaded a McDonald’s waste sheet to Imgur, which presumably shows the actual food product cost before other business expenses, including labor, are factored in. 

As you take a look at the chart below, you should know that it’s apparently from a McDonald’s restaurant in Canada, where one Canadian dollar equals about 74 cents in U.S. currency. 

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Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Big Mac: $1.14 CAD 
  • Egg McMuffin: $0.59 CAD 
  • Apple Pie: $0.25 CAD
  • Ranch Crispy Wrap: $0.77 CAD
  • Hot Cakes: $0.30 CAD 

Speaking of McDonald’s, have you ever wondered why their soft drinks taste so much better than anywhere else? Here’s the secret.

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