Mars to reduce portion size of all candy to 250 calories


Is it possible to have both a sweet tooth and a slim waistline? One major candy maker thinks so and is putting its money where its mouth is.

Mars, the candy maker, has announced plans to reduce every candy bar they sell to 250 calories or less. They’re not saying they’ll have a “lite” version and a normal version of Snickers, Mars, Twix and other candies. They will actually reduce portion size of every candy product to 250 calories.

In addition to exercise, I believe one of the keys to weight control is this very type of portion control.

The portions we have here in the United States, particularly at sit-down restaurants, are monstrous. I mean, one of our side dishes would feed a family in the rest of the world. We’re just used to huge portions playing into our idea of the value proposition when we got out to eat.

That’s why I’ve long recommended that you share an entrée with whoever you’re dining out with. It’s usually easily large enough for two or maybe even three people. By doing this you can have less food, reduce your calories and trim your bill — though a plate charge will apply at many restaurants.

As for the move by Mars, I’m reminded of my wife who drives me crazy because she can take a candy bar and eat it over five days. On the other hand, I take a bar — no matter the size — and consume it in five minutes!

I think there are a lot more people like me than my wife. We’ll see if Mars is right on in terms of their market research.

Clark Deals
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