Make Your Own Cosmetics on a Home Printer


Teenage girls who want customized makeup might want to consider literally printing it up on their home printer!

How to print makeup using your computer

An entrepreneur named Grace Choi who I read about in Business Week has come up with a way to jailbreak a printer so it can make custom makeup. This schematic explains her idea in a step-by-step way.

By next summer, Choi will have a Mink machine available on the market to make the process easy. Her target market is girls 13-21 years of age.

Cosmetics is a $56 billion business. She doesn’t need a big chunk of it to be successful!

Welcome to the 3-D printer revolution

What Grace is doing is similar to what’s going on with 3-D printing. Of course, the name “3-D printing” is really kind of misleading. It’s more like 3-D manufacturing.

Instead of making a photocopy of a piece of paper, a 3-D printer is a machine that actually makes an item by creating it layer by layer out of plastic, metal, or other material — such as this Marble Run Yoda Base you see pictured here.

Clark Deals
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