This major city is offering steaks, sausages 24/7 from vending machines


The butcher shop is going high-tech.

Paris has installed its first meat vending machine.

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Steak from a vending machine?

According to The Associated Press, two butcher shop owners invested $45,000 to fund the refrigerated machine that allows Parisian shoppers to purchase vacuum-packed meats. The machine, which operates 24/7, is located in a busy shopping and nightlife area.

Featured items include steaks, sausages, duck confit and carpaccio. The items are a bit more expensive than when purchased in the shop, but younger shoppers appreciate the convenience. Restaurant and bar workers, who often work late after shops are long closed, can now pick up a quality meal in the wee hours of the morning.

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This is not the first vending machine to offer an unusual product in Paris: baguette vending machines were installed in the city beginning in 2011.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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