Lidl cashier restores grocery shopper’s faith in humanity with simple gesture


We’re so used to a steady drumbeat of negative news as consumers. Sometimes it seems like being kicked around by soulless corporate behemoths is the norm.

So isn’t it nice when you hear stories about employees going above and beyond by delivering great customer service?

You know, the kind of customer service where the experience sticks with you long after your transaction is over…

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Here’s a shining example of great customer service at Lidl

U.S. grocery shoppers are just getting their first taste of a new supermarket chain called Lidl. The German grocer opened 45 stores in six East Coast states in 2017 and many more grand openings are on tap throughout 2018.

But European shoppers have long had access to Lidl and many love it because of the high quality and low prices.

In Ireland, a Dublin shopper named Jill Forbes recently wrote into The Irish Times with her story about a Lidl cashier named Aneta who stepped up when she didn’t have enough money to check out.

“I thought it might be worth telling you of a positive encounter in Lidl Deansgrange during Christmas week,” Jill begins. “On completing my shop, I found I did not have a credit card and only €20 cash (about $25) on me to pay just under €70 (about $85),”

“Aneta on the till, who did not know me from Adam, seeing my predicament immediately offered to use her own credit card and pay without any conditions. I promised to call in and pay the following day. There was no reason for her to do this but she did and saved me great distress. Now that’s customer service. Thank you Aneta.”

What kinds of great customer service have you seen, heard about or experienced yourself? Share it with us in the comments below!


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Lidl’s self-service bread slicing machine

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