Aldi vs. Lidl price comparison: Which grocery store is cheaper?


If you’re already saving money on groceries by shopping at Aldi, there’s a new low-cost supermarket chain called Lidl that may be coming to your town soon.

Lidl has a massive presence in Europe and began opening stores in the United States in mid-2017.

Aldi vs. Lidl: Which grocery store has the lowest prices? 

Although the discount grocer only has about 65 stores across nine East Coast states as of January 2019, rivals are taking notice and lowering their prices when a new Lidl supermarket opens up nearby.

How do Lidl’s prices compare to Aldi’s? Team Clark wanted to find out!

We attended the grand opening of a Lidl store outside of Atlanta. After recording the prices of popular grocery staples, we drove a few miles away to the nearest Aldi to see which is cheaper!

Our price comparison was conducted on January 16, 2019 in Marietta, Georgia. See the results below:

Aldi vs. Lidl price comparison – January 2019




Honey wheat bread, 20 oz. $0.85 $0.85
Yogurt, 6 oz. $0.25 $0.25
Peanut butter, 18 oz. $1.15 $1.15
Boneless chicken breasts, per pound (family pack) $1.49 $1.89
Baby carrots, 16 oz. $1.19 $0.79
Garden salad, 12 oz. $0.89 $0.79
Ranch dressing, 16 oz. $0.89 $0.89
Pasta, 16 oz. $0.75 $0.79
Pasta sauce, 24 oz. $0.85 $0.99
Mild cheddar cheese, 8 oz. $1.45 $1.69
Orange juice, 59 fl oz. $1.99 $2.29
Unsalted butter, 16 oz. $1.99 $2.97
Large eggs, one dozen $1.25 $1.03
2% milk, one gallon $2.29 $1.83
Bananas, per pound $0.44 $0.39
Chicken broth, 32 oz. $1.29 $1.19
Avocados, 4 count $3.56 $3.59
Mixed vegetables, one can $0.49 $0.49
Honeycrisp apples, per pound $1.89 $0.99
93% lean ground beef, one pound $4.29 $4.29




And the winner is… 

This is the closest price difference since I’ve been doing these comparisons for — just 10 cents separate the two stores.

Of course, this is just a small sample of 20 items at Aldi and Lidl. With different items going on sale every week, you may conduct your own comparison and have different results.

The bottom line is that if Lidl has a store in your area, you have a new low-cost grocery option to consider.

Even if you don’t shop at Lidl, you may end up saving money if there’s one around. The grocery store price wars are leading to lower prices on popular items like chicken, milk, eggs, bananas and many more.


To learn more, see the 15 things you need to know before your first trip to Lidl!

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