Legitimate work-at-home opportunities via social media


Your average social media user is now able to get paid for posting product links in what’s amounting to a new area of growth in online retailing.

The New York Times reports websites like Beso.com and Refer.ly will pay you for essentially doing your own advertorials and telling others on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter about what it is you’re out there buying.

As you might imagine, this is very popular among women who are posting about shoes, dresses, and other fashion items.

There are also apps for this sort of thing like Pose, available for smart phones and tablets. With Pose, you set up your own online fashion magazine and if people buy from it, you get a commission.

The odds you’ll get rich doing this? Not very good at all. One woman profiled by The New York Times earns about $50 a month. But it is still a way to put a little money in your pocket.

Beso pays an average of about 14 cents for every click you send to a participating retailer. The people you refer over don’t have to make a purchase, you simply get the money for the traffic. If a purchase is made, you typically earn a referral commission of around 5% of the sale price.

The Federal Trade Commission, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and the referral sites themselves all advise that you tell people you’re getting paid for making recommendations. Though there is no legal requirement that you do so.

Clark Deals
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