Last minute Valentine’s Day savings


Valentine’s Day comes up this Saturday night. Guys are you prepared? I have tips that will save you money and show that you’re just not slapping it together at the last second. Number one. Roses, do you know you can get your sweetheart roses at such a great price? It’s so easy now because so many places are falling all over themselves offering you deals on roses for Valentine’s Day. Typically $15-$20 a dozen. Who’s into this? Supermarkets, big-time.

Just about every supermarket chain offers deals on roses. Plus nurseries, not the kinds where you leave your kids, the ones that grow plants and flowers. They’re quiet this time year. They offer deals on roses, and then for dinner, Saturday night’s already a busy night anyway, you throw Valentine’s Day on top of it. Take your sweetheart to dinner on Friday night. If you take her on Friday night you won’t have the crowds, you won’t have those amped up menus, and you’ll have a much better experience. I am Clark Howard.

Clark Deals
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