This is Ikea’s best product of all time


Millions of homes across America have at least one piece of furniture from Ikea, the retail chain known for its affordable prices – and Swedish meatballs!

But the company’s longtime design chief says he has an all-time favorite item: the Klippan loveseat.

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In an interview with Business Insider, Ikea design manager Marcus Engman said his father designed the loveseat, which was released three decades ago.

It currently sells in the U.S. for $299 to $399, according to Ikea’s website. The retailer also has a variety of fabric covers for the loveseat if you want to change out the look.

This is Ikea's best product of all time

Photo credit: Ikea

In addition to its low price, Engman told Business Insider that Klippan remains a top-seller because it’s comfortable and compact, fitting easily through standard doorways.

Want to save money? Buy used! 

Since the loveseat is popular with the college crowd, there’s no shortage of supply on the resale market. We checked Craigslist to see how many Klippan loveseats are currently for sale in five major cities:

  • Atlanta – 10
  • New York – 14
  • Washington, DC – 13
  • Los Angeles – 22
  • San Francisco – 21

Many of these used sofas are priced between $50 and $100, a fraction of the retail price. 


Always check the ‘as-is’ section 

To save on the purchase of brand new Ikea furniture, find out which day of the week your local store restocks the “as-is” section, where you’ll find discounted items that were used for display or returned. 

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