Hostess Brands finds a buyer


Good news for junk food junkies. Twinkies are ready to make a comeback.  That goes for Ho Hos, Dolly Madison and other Hostess snack cakes too!

Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos, the joint purchasers of the Hostess Brands assets, are planning to use non-union workers and non-union plants to relaunch operations. From what I’ve read, there is $410 million in the game to bring Twinkies and a whole range of other Hostess snack foods back to the shelves.

My personal favorite is the vanilla Zinger!

I find Hostess snacks to be a great teaching tool for my young son. I simply show him the side of the packaging and have him read all the chemicals on the list there!

But in all seriousness, these things are just, in moderation, fun to consume. So now you’ll be able to have your Twinkies soon without having to fly up to Canada!

Clark Deals
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