Here’s why you should buy the men’s version of most products


A recent study proves what many price-conscious consumers already know: The women’s version of products often cost more than the men’s version of the same product.

A study published this month by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs examined the price disparity in products ranging from toiletries to clothing. The prices of approximately 800 products with distinct male and female versions sold at over two dozen retailers were researched for the study.

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Pricing: The final frontier in the battle of the sexes?

The study found that women’s products cost more 42% of the time, while men’s products cost more 18% of the time. On average, women’s products cost 7% more than the equivalent men’s version.

Girl’s toys and women’s personal care products were the items with the highest price disparities. On average, women’s shirts were priced higher than men’s shirts, even though men’s shirts require more material.

Men’s underwear was found to be priced 29% higher than women’s underwear.

Clothing, often more tailored to specific gender needs, may not be as interchangeable as other products such as lotion, body wash and shampoo.

While the study focused on pricing in the New York City area, DCA commissioner Julie Menin told the Washington Post that similar price disparities can be found across the country.

A BuzzFeed survey conducted in April 2015 at Target found similar results.

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