Egg Shortage Impacts Grocery, Restaurant Chains


By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

Egg lovers, beware. It may be more difficult and more expensive to enjoy your favorite breakfast staple.

That’s because an egg shortage threatens to limit supply nationwide.

Avian flu takes a crack at our nation’s egg supply

According to Business Insider, the egg shortage is due to an outbreak of bird flu that has sickened over 44 million birds in 15 states.

Grocery store chain H.E.B. is limiting sales to three cartons of eggs per customer.

Restaurants are also feeling the pinch. Fast-food chain Whataburger has responded by cutting back on its breakfast hours. Breakfast items will only be served while supplies last from 5-9 a.m. on weekdays; normal breakfast hours extended to 11 a.m. and also included late-night hours. Weekend hours will remain unaffected at this time. reports that some restaurants are abandoning their normal egg suppliers because prices have skyrocketed, and are instead purchasing eggs at bulk-rate stores like Sam’s Club. Other restaurants are asking chefs to modify recipes to remove or reduce the amount of eggs used. Expect to find less egg dishes on buffets; instead, egg items will be cooked to order to reduce waste.

Egg alternatives like tofu and other plant-based products are also in high demand.

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