Would you stand in days-long line for a free IKEA couch?


ST. LOUIS — What would you do to win a free sofa from IKEA

Dozens of IKEA fans are braving the elements, waiting in line outside the latest store in St. Louis for the chance to take home a nearly $400 couch when the store holds its grand opening Wednesday, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

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First 41 people to get a free couch

 Sequoia Benford ran across the parking lot trying to get the first spot in line. 

‘I didn’t think it would be me,’ Benford said of being the first in line. ‘We don’t have anything in the living room, and that’s why this is a blessing for us.’

The first 41 adults in line will receive free couches, according to IKEA’s website. The next 100 will get free armchairs that retail for $109. The first 2,500 who visit the company’s 41st store in the U.S. will receive an envelope that includes gift cards or vouchers for free food. 

IKEA‘s director of public affairs said that the line holders would be given access to bathrooms and water. They can also leave the line for 15-minute breaks, The Post-Dispatch reported.

The store is expected to be popular.

During a friends and family event Saturday, it sold 45,000 items, general manager John Achillea told The Post-Dispatch.


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