Waiter reveals how restaurant menus trick you into spending more money


If you eat out often, you probably already know that alcohol, appetizers and desserts are three of the ways that restaurants get you to spend more.

But have you ever thought about how the design of the menu could influence your order?

Restaurant secret: Waiter exposes a sneaky menu trick!

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Waiter Darron Cardosa, who is also an author and blogger, recently revealed to NBC News that when you open a menu, more expensive items are often listed to the right.

Cardosa told “Megyn Kelly Today” that your eyes naturally gravitate to the upper-right corner.

To make the most expensive entrees stand out, the restaurant may also use bold text, put a box around the item, add an enticing description or include a picture.

Cardosa said the key takeaway is to take your time to read the whole menu, not just what’s on the right.

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