This new feature at Walmart could save you tons of time


With such busy lives, we need to save time wherever we can and Walmart is testing some new ideas that could be a big help.

Walmart launches kiosks for quick and easy pickup

Walmart recently launched kiosks in-store and in a parking lot where you can pick up items like groceries that you’ve ordered online. While these are in the testing phase and are only available at a few locations, they may be coming to your Walmart in the near future. They operate like vending machines, simply requiring you to type in a confirmation code before pulling your order from the machine.

These new kiosks let you get in and out quicky, without having to hunt all over the store for the items you want.

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How it works

First, you order your items online — including groceries, depending which store you’re using. Employees gather your items and load them into the kiosks, where you’ll pick your items up. You run into the store, grab your items and get out in no time flat — which means more time for you and everything else you have going on.

The biggest advantage is the convenience — you can pick up your groceries 24/7 from the outdoor kiosks. That means whether you want to pick up on way home from work or on your way to the beach, your order is ready and waiting.

Fresh groceries are already available for order online from Walmart for same day pick up in thirty-one states. The company also seems to be expanding the presence of kiosks; in November 2016 only in-store ones were being tested, so the outdoor kiosk testing is a sign that you may be getting quicker Walmart groceries soon.

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The grocery service also allows you to return unwanted or damaged items for a full refund in-store, via a delivery driver or by contacting customer care. You can find more answers about grocery services on Walmart’s site.

Walmart offering free grocery pickup service


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