How Much More Will Thanksgiving Dinner Cost You This Year?

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Your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be about 14% more expensive this year than last, according to a new survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The Farm Bureau says a holiday feast for 10 people will run Americans an average of $53.31 this year compared to $46.90 in 2020.

Rising Food Prices Mean Turkey With All the Trimmings Will Cost More This Year

Looking at the holiday meal item by item, we see that individual products we love to eat around this time have risen in price. Let’s take a look at the Farm Bureau data.

How Much More Will Your Thanksgiving Meal Cost?

Food Items2021 Price2020 Price
Turkey (16 lbs.)$23.99$19.39
Pumpkin pie mix (30 oz.)$3.64$3.39
Whole milk (1 gal.)$3.30$3.08
Veggie tray (carrots & celery) (1 lb.)$0.82$0.73
Rolls (12)$3.05$2.66
Misc. ingredients$3.45$3.09
Pie shells (2) $2.91$2.42
Green peas (1 lb.)$1.54$1.46
Fresh cranberries (12 oz.)$2.98$2.69
Whipping cream (½ pint )$1.78$1.74
Sweet potatoes (3 lbs.)$3.56$3.44
Cubed stuffing mix (14 oz.)$2.29$2.81
Ham (4 lbs.)$10.87$9.16
Russet potatoes (5 lbs.) $2.96$2.55
Green beans (1 lb.)$1.58$1.50

Read the Farm Bureau’s full report on rising food costs.

How To Save Money on Food Right Now

At we want you to try to offset rising food costs as much as you can by putting some strategies in place the next time you need to go grocery shopping. Here are some tips from Team Clark and money expert Clark Howard.

Buy What’s on Sale

item on sale in store

A great way to save more of your money is to buy the items that are on sale.

You can find out what’s on sale at your local grocery store by looking at the retailer’s website or getting a sales flyer when you visit the store.

Use Grocery Apps

iBotta app

You can find some great deals inside the following grocery apps reviewed by Team Clark:

See more top grocery apps to save money.

Opt for Store Brands

Shop store brands

You will probably save money by choosing store brands over name brands.


“Try a store brand just once the next time you’re at the supermarket. If you like what you buy, you save money that time and every time going forward when you buy it again,” Clark says.

For example, in November 2021, this two-liter bottle of Great Value root beer costs 72 cents, while the same product from A&W costs $1.25. That’s a savings of 53 cents!

Pay With a Cash Back Card

Pay with a cash back credit card

Another great way to save money is by paying for your items with a cash back credit card.

For example, you can earn 6% cash back with the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases. Terms apply.

Final Thoughts

As with any of your purchases, when you shop for food, you’ll want to make sure you stay within budget. One way to do that is to make a shopping list — and stick to it no matter what.

With that being said, when you run across a great deal, there’s nothing wrong with buying multiple items.

“When non-perishable or semi-perishable items go on sale, I’d love for you to stock up on those items,” Clark says.

To see the rates and fees for the American Express cards featured, please visit the following links: Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: See Rates and Fees

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