Servers leave nasty messages about customers on check


Diners at a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, got quite an unpleasant surprise when it came time to pay the bill — and it had nothing to do with the price!

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The party of four at Peter Chang noticed two offensive messages on the check, The Washington Post reported. The first said, “im a plad a——.” The second read, “i have a small penis.”

The first comment included a misspelling of “plaid,” which three of the diners were wearing that night.

According to the Post, the customers called an apologetic manager to the table. He claimed the comments were typed into the restaurant’s computer system as a joke between two servers, and they had done it before. However, the servers did not delete the comments this time.

‘They always do that. I’ve told them so many times,’ manager Qian Cheng told The Washington Post.  ‘And they did it again.’

The incident was apparently triggered over a bowl of rice. One of the diners told the newspaper that a member of the party made a comment about rice being served family-style, instead of in individual bowls. Even though the server offered individual rice bowls, which were declined, the exchange was described by at least one diner as “awkward.”

As for the fate of the servers involved, the manager told The Washington Post that he is cutting their hours, and he is deciding whether someone should be fired.


The diners received a $20 gift card as a consolation.

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