Pizza Hut’s New Box Becomes Movie Projector for Smartphones


by Samantha Jordan, WDBO

Movies and pizza: They’re clearly a perfect pair, right? Well, Pizza Hut is turning its disposable cardboard boxes into something you may want to keep – even after the pie is gone.

It’s called the ‘Blockbuster Box.’ Developed by advertising agency Ogilvy Hong Kong, the box comes with a perforated, pop-out hole on the side of the box and a plastic pizza table that also serves as a projector lens. All you do is slip the plastic lens into the hole, place your smartphone inside and your movies on the phone’s display are projected onto a wall, giving you that real movie theater experience.

According to, each box comes with its own QR code to scan,  giving you exclusive movies that Pizza Hut has made specifically to be played via the projector while you enjoy your pizza.  There’s ‘Slice Night’ for horror fans, ‘Anchovy Armageddon’ for science fiction fans, ‘Hot and Ready’ if you want to watch a romantic flick, or ‘Fully Loaded’ for action movie buffs.

Can’t wait to order? Unfortunately, the ‘Blockbuster Box’ is only available in Hong Kong right now, but it could be coming to a store near you given how popular Pizza Hut is worldwide.

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