Americans ready to make more luxury purchases


Half of all Americans will make luxury purchases in the coming months, according to a recent Los Angeles Times report.

Luxury purchases include aspirational clothing, accessories, cosmetics, foods, eating out at fine restaurants, etc. This is a clear change in the mood of people coming out of the recession. Of course, it could change if we end up driving off the fiscal cliff!

So this is still an insecure positive. The fear out there is latent in some people to obvious in others.

I’m not trying to throw water on your fun, but be careful that you don’t go back into spending with reckless abandon. So many people have reduced debt loads in their lives. That is positive and lowers anxiety in your life.

You’ll be fine so as long as you’re careful with when you “treat” yourself. Remember, just as pre-approved credit card applications come back in your mailbox, that doesn’t mean a green light to spend every penny in your life.

Clark Deals
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