Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with a new soft drink

Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with a new soft drink
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There are big changes coming to the soda aisle! Coca-Cola has announced that it plans to phase out no-calorie Coke Zero in the United States after it introduces Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in August.

The new recipe is already being sold in 25 markets worldwide, including Mexico and the U.K.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is coming to the U.S.

“Coca-Cola Zero Sugar continued to grow double digits in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America, the two operating segments with the broadest availability of the new recipe,” Coca-Cola said in a news release. “This new zero-calorie cola recipe is a result of our strong in-house innovation capabilities, and also serves as an example of our ongoing efforts to deliver great-tasting drinks that also help consumers moderate their consumption of added sugar.”

As the popularity of regular soda continues to decline, beverage makers have focused on low and no-sugar options, as well as waters, teas and juices.

An ad for Coca-Cola Zero Sugar claims the drink “looks more like Coke” and “tastes more like Coke.”

On its website, Coca-Cola said the ingredients of the new drink are the same as Coke Zero, but the taste is closer to Coca-Cola Classic — just with no sugar.

If you’ve had a chance to try Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, let us know what you think about it!

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